Ongakusai no Jutsu
Ongakusai no Jutsu
Romaji: Ongakusai no Jutsu
English: Music Festival
Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Non-Elemental
Rank: B
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close (0~5m)

Actually used to mask your approach in a crowded setting, Ongakusai takes every sound that you produce (footsteps, rustling clothing, even your breathing and heartbeat!) and fluctuates it into sound to match the natural background noise of the area. However, a skilled user can modulate the chakra so that they can still speak, allowing them to taunt their opponents easily if they have the skill of projecting their voice. Some users of the jutsu have even been able to modify the jutsu to create actual music, and the most advanced have created ghostly lyrics out of thin air, which they can use to give themselves a psychological boost by using the right songs. B-Rank due to the skill required to maintain it.

Hand seals: Boar, Monkey, Hare

Known Users

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