Omote Renge
Omote Renge
Romaji: Omote Renge
English: Front Lotus
Classification: Taijutsu
Type: Goken
Rank: B
Class: Offensive
Range: Close (0~5m)

The Omote Renge is the first of Goken's Ryuu techniques. The user begins the Omote Renge by opening their first Celestial Gate. They then typically use Konoha Shoufuu to launch the opponent into the air. They then use Konoha Kage Buyou to position and restrain their opponent before rapidly spinning downward with the target. Just before impact, the user separates themselves from the opponent ad jumps clear, allowing the target to slam headfirst into the ground.

While this move does significant damage to the target, the use of the Gate and the technique itself inflicts some damage to the user. A practitioner needs some time to recover following use of the move.

Typical Sequence

  1. Open First Celestial Gate
  2. Konoha Shoufuu
  3. Konoha Kage Buyou
  4. Omote Renge


  • Ura Renge (Reverse Lotus)
    • Rank: A
    • Class: Offensive
    • Range: Close (0~5m)
    • An upgraded version of the Omote Renge. The user opens the first three to five Gates, and launches the opponent into the air as with the Omote Renge. Once airborne, the opponent is battered by repeated attacks by the user. To end the move, the user strikes the opponent with a fist and foot to slam them into the ground. The technique is typically fatal to the opponent.
    • Typical Sequence
      1. Open Three to Five Celestial Gates
      2. Konoha Shoufuu
      3. Ura Renge
    • Due to the amount of damage caused to the user - the practitioner typically is unable to stand afterward due to muscle damage - by the move, it is considered kinjutsu.

Known Users

  • Maito Gai
  • Rock Lee
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