Kouzui Jirai
Kouzui Jirai
Romaji: Suiton: Kouzui Jirai
English: Flooding Landmine
Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Suiton
Rank: B
Class: Supplementary, Offensive
Range: Close (0~5m)

This is a highly condensed landmine made of water, in the form of a puddle. The user condenses an amount of water into the "puddle" before creating a thin, self-sustaining shell of chakra to hold it in place. When stepped on it explodes with great force, enough to tear off legs. The more skilled the user, the more water they can condense into one puddle.

Certain bloodlines and Sensor type ninjas have an easier time spotting these due to the chakra shell on top, so the mines are often placed under other material such as regular puddles to help conceal the chakra from discovery. Another hiding tactic is to flood a mined area with water that has trace amounts of chakra within, adding "static" to attempts to locate any mines under the water. This method is frequently used in areas that an approaching enemy cannot circumvent, forcing them to slow down and clear mines or accept an unknown number of casualties tripping mines as they charge through.

Known Users

  • The ninja of Ame are known for their extensive use of this technique in their defensive lines guarding Rain Country and Ame, and keep the instructions for using it a close secret.

Out of Game

It is listed as Close range (0~5m) because of the range that is appears in when formed. After being formed, the ninja does not need to stay nearby to maintain the shell. Thus the jutsu could technically be listed as Mid (5~10m) and Far (10m+) due to the range from the casting ninja the mine may be when it detonates.

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