Katon no Yoroi
Katon no Yoroi
Romaji: Katon no Yoroi
English: Fire Armor
Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Katon
Rank: Unknown
Class: Defense, Supplementary

Developed by Omoi during his time in Kumogakure, the Fire Armor was inspired by the Lightning Armor used by the Fourth Raikage. However, while the concept is similar the functionality is quite different. Lightning Armor works by cloaking the body in lightning elemental chakra and stimulating the body, thus enhancing strength and speed as well as defense. However, because Omoi was of the fire affinity rather then lightning, he was unable to mimic this ability. He was, however, able to enhance his body in a similar manner. Because of the principle that heat is energy, the jutsu does stimulate the body, and can increase the user's speed and power. However, it is not nearly as fast as that of the true Lightning Armor, but is impressive never-the-less.

By cloaking his body in fire elemental chakra he boosts his body ever so slightly, but is unable to fool it completely. Instead, the heat he gives off forms a sort of blurring mirage effect around him, meaning that when he uses his natural or enhanced speed he literally becomes a blur. This makes it extremely hard for opponents to track him effectively and even harder to target him with any degree of precision.

The 'bleed' from the chakra effect makes it extremely hard for an opponent with a byakugan to target him effectively as he simply becomes a giant mass of chakra, while sharingan users will even be fooled by the mirage effect to a degree as afterimages confuse the tracking eye. Additionally, because he cloaks his body in the chakra it raises the temperature around him to searing degrees, making it possible for even near misses to cause damage as the heat scalding heat contacts an opponent. Likewise, enemy attacks on him will be faced with both an enhanced level of defense, particularly against fire or wind attacks, and the fact that an enemy is likely to harm themselves if they touch his body.

Known Users

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