Calorie Control
Calorie Control
Romaji: Karorii Kontorouru
English: Calorie Control
Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Akimichi Ryuu
Class: Supplementary

The Calorie Control technique allows the user to convert body fat into chakra to power jutsu. Given that converting too much body fat can kill an user, the Akimichi Clan eats a high-calorie diet to ensure they can safely use the technique. If necessary, an Akimichi can make use of the Sanshoku no Gan'yaku, a set of three colored pills, to simulate the effects of the jutsu at the cost of poisoning their body and not having control over how much fat is converted. Until 79 AF, use of the third pill resulted in the death of the user due to all of their body fate being converted to chakra.

When a user makes full use of the Calorie Control technique, simulated by the Chili Pill from the Sanshoku no Gan'yaku, butterfly wings form from chakra out of the Akimichi's back.

Known Users

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