Kankaku No Sou Hakudatsu
Kankaku no Sou Hakudatsu
Romaji: Kankaku no Sou Hakudatsu
English: Total Deprivation of Senses
Classification: Genjutsu
Type: Sensory
Rank: S
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close, Mid (0~10m)

This is the penultimate genjutsu within the Sensory Deprivation genjutsu family. It deprives the target of their senses of Smell, Taste, Sound, Sight, Touch, as well as a target's sense of balance and their ability to sense chakra or pain.

Often overlooked and forgotten about, the true Kankaku no Sou Hakudatsu also includes the deprivation of the target's sense of gravity, but missing that aspect doesn't require a downgrade to the Tajuu Kankaku no Hakudatsu. If done properly, the jutsu would prevent the target from being able to disrupt the jutsu via chakra supression or pain due to being unable to sense their own chakra to know they're supressing it or being able to feel pain (or if they're even striking themselves).

Because the genjutsu can be disrupted by another ninja dispelling it for the target, this jutsu is best used against lone ninja. The jutsu only uses chakra equivalent to a B-rank, but the complexity of simultaneously blocking all six senses and pain (and sense of gravity) is what gives the jutsu its S-rank.

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