Kankaku No Hakudatsu
Kankaku no Hakudatsu
Romaji: Kankaku no Hakudatsu
English: Deprivation of Senses
Classification: Genjutsu
Type: Sensory
Rank: C
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close, Mid, Far (0~10m+)

This genjutsu targets a specific sense (as listed below) and blocks the target's mind from receiving that information from their body. While including the sense when performing the jutsu helps a user focus, it is actually unnecessary to do so and not doing so can make it harder for the target to realize which sense isn't working. Unfortunately, losing a sense is fairly easy to notice, so this jutsu does not see much field use. As a result, they are more often used for genjutsu training or when performing Torture & Interrogation where the target cannot break the genjutsu.


  • The genjutsu affects a specific sense, so there are versions for each sense.
    • Kankaku no Hakudatsu: On (Sound)
    • Kankaku no Hakudatsu: Shiryoku (Sight)
    • Kankaku no Hakudatsu: Nioi (Smell)
    • Kankaku no Hakudatsu: Konomi (Taste)
    • Kankaku no Hakudatsu: Sesshoku (Touch)
    • Kankaku no Hakudatsu: Chakra (Chakra)
    • Kankaku no Hakudatsu: Kutsuu (Pain)
    • Kankaku no Hakudatsu: Juuryoku (Gravity)

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