Romaji: Katon: Jigokuhaná
English: Hellflower
Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Katon
Rank: A
Class: Offensive, Defensive

Omoi's personal ninjutsu, the Jigokuhaná is a close-range A-rank ninjutsu which capitalizes on his large chakra capacity and stamina to enhance his taijutsu moves. The move is done without hand seals and has an element of Elemental Recomposition in it's use. Fundamentally, it is done by opening up the chakra tenketsu and releasing recomposed elemental chakra from them, forming a shield of fire-element chakra around the users arms and/or legs. The chakra bleeds off and takes the form of various petals and flares when struck, creating flower like patterns when it does. This is how it got it's name.

The technique adds the elemental and physical power to normal taijutsu, particularly the Goken elements that Omoi utilizes. It is less effective in brute strength then the precise burst of chakra-enhanced strength, but it is still a far cry greater then the small amounts most other ninja of Omoi's level can release. This is why it is a Rank A technique. It can be combined with many other taijutsu moves, such as the Konoha Senpuu or Konoha Shoufuu. The fire chakra can ignite objects, including clothes and the surroundings, and leaves fiery footprints and other marks where he steps, lands, or strikes.

Because it shields the arms in chakra, it can be used defensively as well, and makes the user able to deflect or block attacks with ease. However, excessive use can cause chakra exhaustion and physical harm if overused.

Known Users

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