Hiton: Changed World Jutsu
Changed World
Romaji: Unknown
English: Changed World
Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Hiton
Rank: Varies
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close, Mid Far (0~20m)

The user of this jutsu physically alters the light passing through the field of effect to produce an illusion. This prevents the use of the Kai illusion breaking technique as no modification is made to the observer's chakra. The jutsu can be used to make minor changes, such as altering the color of the user's eyes, hair or clothing, to large scale changes, such as redirecting all light within the field to travel one direction or scrambling all light within the field. It can also be used to form illusions ranging from a holo map in the users palm to holographic camoflage. Realistic illusions take some degree of practice and may be spotted due to overlooked details or enviromental interaction or the lack thereof.


  • Ebon Void(C Rank) - When used to alter all light within the field to travel in one direction(usually straight down or up), an area of perfect darkness is formed.
  • Chaos World(A Rank) - By causing random changes to either direction or color (or both) of the light travelling through the field, everything within the field becomes distorted so much that it can cause motion sickness in even the strongest of stomachs. Sight becomes completely unreliable. Even the Sharingan and the Byukuugan become almost useless as the conflict between the visual component and the chakra components of their vision can cause massive headaches and eyestrain within moments.
  • Note - at this time Kamisori Hi is not immune to these effects and closes his eyes to avoid them. He is working to refine the technique so that light traveling to his eyes will be unaffected but it will raise the complexity of either effect to S-class.

Related Jutsu

  • No related jutsu at this time.

Known Users

  • Only known user is Kamisori Hi, a Demonslayer from the Land of Demons.
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