Hakkeshou Kaiten
Hakkeshou Kaiten
Romaji: Hakkeshou Kaiten
English: Eight Divination Palms of the Hand, Heavenly Spin
Classification: Taijutsu
Type: Jyuken
Class: Defense
Range: Close (0~5m)

The Hakkeshou Kaiten is a 360-degree chakra-based defense technique within the Jyuken Ryuu. When attacks come near the user, they expel a large amount of chakra from their tenketsu and spin in place. This creates a whirling vortex that deflects nearly all attacks.

Related Jutsu

  • Shuugo Hakke Rokujuuyonshou - Based off the Hakke Rokujuuyonshou, it provides a similar, though more lethal, effect to the Hakkeshou Kaiten.

Known Users

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