Hakke Kuushou
Hakke Kuushou
Romaji: Hakke Kuushou
English: Eight Divination Signs: Air Palm
Classification: Taijutsu
Type: Jyuken
Class: Offensive
Range: Close, Mid (0 ~ 10m)

One of the few ranged attacks in the Jyuken Ryuu, Hakke1 Kuushou doubles the reach of a Jyuken user.

The user extends chakra from their body and makes a palm strike towards their opponent. This causes an invisible wave of chakra to race away from the palm and strike an opponent, frequently knocking them back. Due to the imprecise manner of attack, no tenketsu can be closed by the strike except at very close range where it'd be more efficient to use a regular Jyuken strike agains the tenketsu instead.


  • Hakke Kuuhekishou (Air Wall Palm)
    • Class: Offensive
    • Range: Close, Mid (0~10m)
    • This variation has two Hyuuga stand back-to-back and use Hakke Kuushou together using the arms on the same side of the body, resulting in a more powerful chakra wave.
  • Hakke Hasangeki (Mountain Crusher)2
    • Class: Offensive
    • Range: Close (0~5m)
    • This variation uses the chakra wall to deliver substantial force to an object such as a wall or floor. The chakra wall will shatter a variable radius section of the object, perhaps collapsing it all the way through within that radius if not sufficiently thick or reinforced.

Known Users

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