Romaji: Garouga
English: Dual Wolf Fang
Classification: Taijutsu
Type: Inuzuka Ryuu
Rank: B
Class: Offensive
Range: Mid, Far (5~10m+)

One of the Inuzuka Clan's most powerful techniques, Garouga is possible once an Inuzuka and their ninken perform the Chinjuu Konbi Henge: Soutou Rou, transforming themselves into a giant two-headed dog. At that point, the Soutou Rou begins spinning at high speed while charging at the target, much like Tsuuga. Landing a direct hit on the target will deliver enough damage to tear them apart, while near misses will still pound the enemy with shockwaves and cause significant damage.

A problem with this technique is that they're spinning a high enough speed that they can't track the target visually. As a result, an Inuzuka usually has their ninken mark the target via Dynamic Marking so the Soutou Rou can use scent to track the target.

Known Users

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