Ninpo: Ganshouryudan no jutsu
Ninpo: Ganshouryudan no jutsu
Romaji: Ninpo: Ganshouryudan no jutsu
English: Secret Arts: Magma Dragon Technique
Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Ninpo
Rank: Unknown
Class: Offensive
Range: Close, Mid, Long (0~10m+)

By combining his Earth and Fire chakra, and having an external source of lightning chakra (usually one of his Mongoose Summons) stabilize the whole construct, Itsuki Takuma can summon forth a wingless Western-style dragon similar in size to most Boss Summons. The construct can then be controlled at a distance, though past 50 meters it looses cohesion and collapses. The construct can be used in a variety of ways. It can fight in melee with a creature of similar or smaller size using obsidian "claws" and its horned "skull" of the same substance, use a projectile blast of its own molten body as a "breath attack", or consume slow or restrained targets, which are then roasted within its bowels.

If a target is tough enough to survive the inferno within the construct, pulsing first Earth and then Fire chakra along the link from its creator in a certain pattern will cause the construct to shift shape to either a dome or cone. Its outer "skin" hardens to rock with small vents peppering the surface, and then… it implodes. The vents allow force and gases to escape without the construct's shell exploding, but it's so brittle afterwards that it will collapse under its own weight within a few moments (if not touched or otherwise messed with, which causes it to collapse immediately) causing a shower of razor-sharp shards to rain down into the cavity within, skewering anything that might have possibly survived.

Known Users

Itsuki Takuma is the only known user of this jutsu.

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