Romaji: Asakujaku
English: Morning Peacock
Classification: Taijutsu
Type: Goken
Rank: A
Class: Offensive
Range: Close (0~5m)

One of Goken's most powerful techniques, Asakujaku requires the opening of the first six Celestial Gates. With those Gates opened, the user typically uses Konoha Shoufuu to launch the opponent into the air. Once the opponent is airborne, the user leaps into the air at them in a distinctive stance and strikes with their fists at a speed and form fast enough to create a peacock-like fan of flaming chakra around the target. At the end of the attack, the user will land a final strike to send the opponent crashing back to the ground covered in the attack's flames.

Typical Sequence

  1. Open first six gates
  2. Konoha Shoufuu
  3. Asakujaku

Known Users

  • Maito Gai
  • Rock Lee
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