Romaji: Arashi Hokousha no Waza
English: Art of Stormwalking
Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Non-Elemental
Rank: Unknown
Class: Supplementary

Sandstorms are a fact of life in Wind Country, so ninja that live there must adapt to handle the situation. One of the results is the Stormwalker1 chakra exercise. This exercise wraps the user in a thin chakra shell than diverts blown sand and other tiny debris around the person rather than directly impact.

It does not copy the effects of Suna Hokou no Waza (Sandstride), so must be combined with the other exercise to actually move easily through a sandstorm. Suna teaches this exercise as Academy basic survival jutsu. Iwa uses this exercise as well due to duststorms in some regions of Earth Country.

Known Users

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