Taijutsu (jutsu)
Romaji Name: Taijutsu
English Name: Body Techniques
Classification: Type
Type: Art

Taijutsu is the combat skill set for when an opponent is within reach. Its styles involve numerous ways to stab, slice, break, and shatter another person without using Ninjutsu or Genjutsu.

Known Jutsu

Hand-to-Hand styles are defined by their primary focus - Striking, Grappling, and Mixed. If the damage is done primarily with chakra, place "Chakra" in parentheses after the type. In the case of Senjutsu required for a style, place "Senjutsu" in parentheses after the type.

Name English Name Type
Goken Ryuu Strong Fist Style Striking
Jyuken Ryuu Gentle Fist Style Striking (Chakra)
Kuwazu Kumate Frog Style Kata Striking (Senjutsu)
Rankanken Ryuu Achiever of Nirvana Style Striking
Suiken Ryuu Drunken Fist Style Striking
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