Non-Elemental Jutsu
Non-Elemental Jutsu
English Name: Non-Elemental Jutsu
Classification: Type
Type: Ninjutsu

Non-elemental Ninjutsu is a bit of a catch-all category for any ninjutsu that doesn't fall into the Elemental Lands definition of Elemental Jutsu

Defining Non-Elemental Jutsu

Within the Elemental Lands, there are five types of Elemental jutsu. If it doesn't fall into one of those categories, it's considered non-elemental. Among the categories that are in this group is Medical Jutsu, summoning jutsu, and elemental combinations.


When a ninja has two (or more) strong affinities, there is a chance they can combine the two elements to form an Elemental Combination. Elemental Combinations generally are treated as if they were an element when it comes to naming jutsu using the combination. They are considered, however, as non-elemental jutsu because they aren't just one of the five elements.

Known Jutsu

Due to the variety of categories within the grouping, some color coding is used to quickly designate a specific category if needed.


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