Ninjutsu (Jutsu)
Romaji Name: Ninjutsu
English Name: Ninja Techniques
Classification: Type
Type: Art

Ninjutsu is widely held as the majority of a ninja's skill library, partially due to the massive variety of jutsu available to it and its visibility compared to the subtle art of Genjutsu or the up close and personal nature of most Taijutsu. It consists of numerous divisions of jutsu that are divided up into two categories based on whether they fall on the elemental wheel or not.

Known Jutsu

Elemental Jutsu

If a ninjutsu technique uses a single element out the elemental wheel of Suiton, Doton, Fuuton, Raiton, and Katon, it is an elemental jutsu.

Non-Elemental Jutsu

If a ninjutsu technique doesn't fall into the above classification, it is considered a non-elemental jutsu.

Known Jutsu Sets and Families


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