Romaji Name: Goken
English Name: Strong Fist
Classification: Family
Type: Taijutsu

This Taijutsu style emphasizes breaking the target. It utilizes hard strikes to damage soft tissue and break bones. Practitioners of this style are known for their pure speed and devastating physical strength.

Strikes from this style use the entire body. It has a decent spread of moves between the upper body with the hands and arms, and the lower body using the feet and legs. Many practitioners also wear weights much of the time to constantly build on their muscles. In battle, the weights can be used as projectiles if the wearer decides to drop them.

Known Special Techniques

Name English Name
Dynamic Entry Dynamic Entry
Konoha Kage Buyou Leaf Shadow Dance
Konoha Kaiganshou Leaf Demolishing Rock
Konoha Reppuu Leaf Violent Wind
Konoha Senpuu Leaf Whirlwind
Konoha Shoufuu Leaf Rising Wind

Known Ryuu Techniques

While most techniques can be learned by anyone, there are several techniques that are only available to top practitioners. Users that progress far enough in learning the style learn to open the Celestial Gates within their body, enabling them to perform devastating secret techniques that utilize two or more Gates to power the technique.

Name English Name
Asakujaku Morning Peacock
Hirotora Afternoon Tiger
Omote Renge Front Lotus
Ura Renge Reverse Lotus
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