Elemental Jutsu
Elemental Jutsu
English Name: Elemental Jutsu
Classification: Type
Type: Ninjutsu

Elemental ninjutsu takes a person's chakra and alters it into an element. In the Elemental Lands, there are only five elemental types. Each one can trump another, but in turn can be trumped by a different one, resulting in an elemental wheel. Most elemental ninjutsu prefaces the jutsu name with the element.

Defining Elemental Jutsu

In the Elemental Lands, there are only five groups of jutsu that are considered elemental jutsu. These are the jutsu for the elements Katon (Fire), Fuuton (Wind), Raiton (Lightning), Doton (Earth), and Suiton (Water). Technique groups that blend two or more elements to form a new "element", Medical jutsu, and any jutsu that are "elemental" yet fall outside those five elements are all shunted to the Non-Elemental Jutsu category.

In fact, blending two or more elements to form a new element is considered a bloodline, so having three strong elemental affinities that can blend with each other can result in up to three "bloodlines" for that ninja.

Medically and genetically, medical jutsu is considered an element alongside the five current elements.


Many ninja have an affinity to a specific element, and some even have two or three strong affinities. Having a strong affinity for an element allows for being able to alter one's chakra into chakra of that element without needing handseals. Many high level jutsu cannot be performed, even with handseals, without an affinity for the element.


When a ninja has two (or more) strong affinities, there is a chance they can combine the two elements to form an Elemental Combination. Elemental Combinations generally are treated as if they were an element when it comes to naming jutsu using the combination. They are not, however, listed here because they use more than one element in the technique.



Doton jutsu are earth based techniques. In terms of capabilities, Doton is very powerful defensively. In the elemental ninjutsu wheel, Doton is strong versus Suiton jutsu but is weak against Raiton jutsu.

Name English Name
Doton: Dosei Tatami no Jutsu Earthen Mat Technique
Doton: Haiki Butsu Sanpu Waste Dispersal
Iwagakure no Jutsu Hidden in Rock Technique
Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu Double Suicide Decapitation Technique


Fuuton jutsu are wind based techniques. In terms of capabilities, Fuuton is very powerful offensively, but weak defensively. In the elemental ninjutsu wheel, Fuuton is strong versus Raiton jutsu but is weak against Katon jutsu.

Name English Name
Fuuton: Shoukyo no Nioi Erase Scent
Fuuton: Shoukyo Torakku Erase Tracks


Name English Name
Katon: Hakka Gu no Jutsu Fire Starter Technique
Katon: Netsu no Jiko Heat Self


Name English Name
Raiton: Denki Sai Juuden Electric Recharge
Raiton: Dokusho Tou Reading Light


Suiton jutsu are water based and thus work better near sources of water. Certain ninja have mastered Suiton jutsu to the point that water restrictions are not as necessary. In the elemental ninjutsu wheel, Suiton is strong versus Katon jutsu but is weak against Doton jutsu.

Name English Name
Suiton: Dassui no Jutsu Evaporation Technique
Suiton: Gyoushuku no Jutsu Condensation Technique
Kirigakure no Jutsu Hidden Mist Technique
Mizugakure no Jutsu Hidden in Water Technique
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