Elemental Armor
Elemental Armor
Romaji Name: Genso no Yoroi
English Name: Elemental Armor
Classification: Set
Type: Ninjutsu
Size: 5

This jutsu set is a collection of all armor jutsu that uses specific elements to create the entire armor. This typically results in a layer of the element outside the body, covering it like armor. An alternate method is to only infuse the body with the element, which could result in a similar armor effect like in Doton: Domu. In at least one case, both methods are performed.

The most famous of this set is the Raiton no Yoroi, used extensively by the Yondaime Raikage.

Known Jutsu

  • Raiton no Yoroi (Lightning Armor)
  • Doton: Domu (Earth Spear)
  • Katon no Yoroi (Fire Armor)
  • [Unknown Fuuton armor jutsu]
  • [Unknown Suiton armor jutsu]

Similar Jutsu

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