Bunshin family
Romaji Name: Bunshin
English Name: Clone
Classification: Family
Type: Ninjutsu

One of the most versatile jutsu families in Ninjutsu, the Bunshin, or Clone, is an useful support tool for nearly any ninja. The weakest version is little more than a minor distraction for experienced ninjas, but the various types that evolve from that initial Clone are usable and effective even in high level combat.


The most basic type in this family is the generic Bunshin. Little more than a fragile shell of chakra with the appearance of the user, this type of Clone is not really combat effective without additional techniques or distractions to decrease the chance of them being discovered for what they are. This type clone also has a range limitation and must stay somewhat close to the user.

Elemental Bunshin
A step up from the regular Bunshin, Elemental Bunshin take common elements from one's surrounding to form a bunshin from, giving it more substance and strength than a regular bunshin. Ninja good at using these bunshin don't require the element to be nearby as a source, though having it around makes things significantly easier. This type clone, like any regular bunshin, cannot go too far from its creator.

While they are weak to specific elements given that they are elemental in nature, Elemental Clones are generally weak enough that any offense jutsu that lands would take them out. However, this type clone has 10% of the strength of the user and so may be able to survive more damage if the user is quite strong.

Due to the lack of easily locating fire or lightning in one's surroundings, there are no Katon or Raiton Elemental Bunshin.

Kage Bunshin
An evolution in the clone concept, Kage Bunshin are durable like Elemental Bunshin, but are formed entirely from chakra to the point of even having chakra systems and a copy of the user's mind. Shadow Clones can be far more independent than regular clones of any type and can use jutsu. Another advantage of this clone type is that its memories are passed back to the user when it is dispelled.

This technique has several downsides however. It evenly splits the user's chakra reserves between each clone — making one clone splits it 50/50, making 4 splits it 20/20/20/20/20, and so forth — and as a result, a user may exhaust their reserves so completely when making clones that they die from chakra exhaustion. Also, if too many clones are made and dispel at the same time, the user's brain may be overloaded from the influx of memories and suffer from permanent brain damage.

Due to the dangers of the technique, the ability to summon large numbers of Shadow Clones is actually a completely separate jutsu of higher rank.

Elemental Kage Bunshin
Advancing the Kage Bunshin much like the Elemental Bunshin do for the regular Bunshin, Elemental Kage Bunshin are Shadow Clones formed using chakra transformed into the element during Kage Bunshin creation. It has the same strengths and weaknesses of the regular Shadow Clones, but revert to the elemental chakra when the clone is destroyed. This can be quite devastating, as there is no way to tell an Elemental Shadow Clone from a regular Shadow Clone.

Known Jutsu

Name English Name Type
Bunshin no Jutsu Clone Technique Clone
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