Akimichi Ryuu
Akimichi Ryuu
Romaji Name: Akimichi Ryuu
English Name: Akimichi Style
Classification: Family
Type: Taijutsu

The Akimichi Ryuu is the Taijutsu combat style of the Akimichi Clan that centers around delivering incredibly hard hits while using their bulk to absorb damage. Many Akimichi learn to use a Bo staff in addition to unarmed combat. They make use of two clan ninjutsu to increase their combat abilities in separate ways — one burns fat to provide chakra, while the other allows them to alter their size.

To aid them in using high level jutsu, there is a set of three special food pills (Spinach Pill (green), Curry Pill (yellow), and Chili Pill (red)) called the Sanshoku no Gan'yaku that increases the fat-to-chakra conversion rate while poisoning the body. The third pill — the Chili Pill — increases the user's power substantially at the cost of all of the body's fat supplies, usually resulting in death within a day at most of ingesting the last pill. After the use of all three pills by Chouji Akimichi in 79 AF, the Godaime Hokage Tsunade devised a cure using research from the Nara Clan and saved his life.

Known Special Techniques

Name English Name
Chou Harite Super Open Hand Slap
Daburu Nikudan Sensha Double Human Bullet Tank
Nikudan Sensha Human Bullet Tank
Nikudan Hari Sensha Spiked Human Bullet Tank

Known Ryuu Techniques

The most powerful techniques center around the use of the Karori Kontororu jutsu to fuel the jutsu using body fat. If the Akimichi does not have sufficient mastery of the jutsu, they can use the Sanshoku no Gan'yaku to compensate if necessary.

Name English Name
Baika no Jutsu Multi-Size Technique
Bubun Baika no Jutsu Partial Multi-Size Technique
Chou Baika no Jutsu Super Multi-Size Technique
Choudan Bakugeki Butterfly-Bomb Bombardment
Karorii Kontorouru Calorie Control
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