Iwa Table of Organization

Iwa is one of the top two ninja villages is terms of military size, tying with Kumo. Because of the size of the military and Earth Country's geography, the village depends more on it's engineers than its medic ninjas and also accepts more cannon fodder losses.

Table of Organization

Administrative Corps

  • Administration Division
    • Internal Revenue Battalion
    • Legal Services Battalion
  • Communications Division
    • Courier Battalion
    • Messenger Creature Battalion
  • Library and Archives Division
  • Training Division
    • Ninja Training Battalion
    • Military Police Training Battalion

Blast Corps

  • Field Division
    • Tactical Battalion
      • Includes Operation, Assassination, and Hunter Ninja teams
    • MSC Battalion
    • Demolition Battalion
  • Intel Division
    • Cryptology, Forgery, and Spying Battalion
      • Includes Seduction teams
    • Jutsu R&D Battalion
    • Torture & Interrogation Battalion

Combat Corps

  • Defense Division
    • Defense Battalion
    • Escort Battalion
    • Medical Battalion
      • Includes medical ninjas and veterinary ninjas
  • Reconnaissance Division
    • Capture & Interrogate Battalion
    • Infiltration Battalion
    • Reconnaissance Battalion
    • Search & Retrieve Battalion
  • Strike Division
    • Combat Battalion
    • Assault Battalion
      • Includes elite Sapper teams
    • Free Response Battalion

Engineering Corps

  • Construction Division
  • Demolition Division

Iwa Military Police Corps

  • Internal Affairs Division

Special Combat Designations

The combat designation of "Sapper" is given to permanent Assault squads. These elite Assault units can tear through the most hardened fortifications with ruthless efficiency and violence. It is said that they "shatter a path through enemy lines and fortifications."

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