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This page'll be a list of various topics people need help with while working on the site. Kinda like a FAQ. If a site member needs help with something and can't find an answer, they can add the problem to the unanswered list.


  • What categories can I put entries into?
  • How do I fill out the infoxboxes used in the templates?
  • How do I edit pages? Quickstart
  • What status tags can I place at the top of an entry's page?
    • Status/Entry tags are notes that are placed at the top of an entry to note important information regarding the entry.
  • It says I don't have authorization to access/edit this page!
    • If you can't edit a page you think you should be able to, contact the master admin (Phht) and let him know of the problem. If you shouldn't have permission to edit it, he'll let you know. If you should, he'll check permission settings to see what the issue is. Some pages, such as the start page and templates, are locked and only an admin or moderator with appropriate permission can edit them.
    • It is possible that an admin can changes permissions as well, but that is currently unsure.
    • Certain categories cannot be accessed without sufficient authorization. The categories (gm, admin) should not be viewable by non-mod/admin people. Any other page with that issue should be reported so it can be checked into.
  • Why do you use so many tables?!
    • Because they're awesome (and useful).

Unanswered Topics

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