Guide: Getting Started

This is a personal guide. Information within is one person's views and may be more opinion than fact.

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This serves as a more in depth version of the Getting Started section on the front page, in case that one comes across as too vague or brief.

Primary Writer: PhhtPhht

As stated in the About section of the front page, the Naruto RP on the forum is a casual free-style RP. We don't have any rules explicitly set down, but we also self-police. If something seems too over the top, or unfair, or metagaming, we'll bring it up and get things hashed out. This is about having some fun, not serious business or powergaming.

Joining the Forum

The primary step to joining the RP is to join the Viridian Dreams forum. If you want to wait until you've created your character and are ready to post it for feedback before getting going, that's okay. If you want to join the forum and join in on one of the various threads elsewhere in the forums before making a character, that's okay too. The main point is that you won't be able to participate in the RP unless you're able to post on the forums, and that's not possible without a forum account.

Making a Character

The character sheet on the wiki and the character sheet on the forum are slightly different. The wiki has a personality section and a history section (which has some overlap with the Age section of the forum version). The wiki's abilities section has (optional) specialization certificates, which weren't created until some time after the RP started and remains an optional aspect.

But by and large, the wiki character sheet covers what you'd need to have for your character. The Basics section of the wiki covers the various stats used (I apologize on the current skimpiness of the Fuinjutsu/Juinjutsu section). The version used on the forums is available in the first post of the character thread (wiki variation of the character sheet).

When ready to post the character for feedback, that thread is where to post it. Discussion of the character should (some times isn't, because people forget) be done in the Character Discussion thread within the same sub forum as the character sheet thread.

The Character Creation guide may provide some help in creating the character and also provides some general power level guidelines for the various ranks.

Get Feedback and Make Changes

After the character is posted, you might receive feedback. Generally feedback only occurs when there's a possible issue with the character. It might be the background doesn't seem believable for RP, or a technique might seem too powerful, or might just be as simple as "didn't that bloodline die out decades prior to the RP?" Getting feedback like that isn't telling you to start over, but to put some more thought into the area that might be an issue to tweak it a bit, or explain why it's not an issue.

In one instance, the extinct bloodline issue came up. The person considered it, then modified their history to provide a plausible way that the bloodline could've survived decades after the last known member of the clan had died. Issue solved. On the other hand, having a technique that out performs the techniques of an entire clan that specializes in similar but far less powerful techniques, or having a high level ninja seemingly randomly deciding to abandon their village for another one and getting a similar high level position? Those are a bit tougher to work on.

Get Playing

There's typically 1-3 threads going at any given time. If there's only one thread going on, you could PM the person running it to see if you could join if it's not a general location thread (such as "Between Missions", "Hokage Tower", "Jounin Bar", or "Konoha Hospital"). Generally there should be free characters that the players can be nudged to remember they have that can be used for missions if you can't join an in-progress mission.

In some instances, the majority of characters are operating in a single thread. In that case, we'll try to think of something. Unfortunately it is a fairly small group playing, so things some times end up troublesome for new people trying to join in. Let one of us know (say, spudman or Phht, or if that fails one of the other active RPers) if you can't seem to find something to join in on and we'll see what we can do to help.

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