Phht's Guide to Ranking Jutsu

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This'll be my guide to helping people figure out just what rank their super-special-awesome jutsu should be. It currently just covers Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

Primary Author: PhhtPhht


Ninjutsu covers a variety of applications, so it can be difficult to easily rank one. However, there are sufficient precedents to help guide one to a decision. First, all elemental jutsu are a minimum of D-rank due to converting one's chakra to an element via the jutsu. After that, the ranking comes from a combination of required chakra capacity, required chakra control, and the complexity of the jutsu.

Seal Sequence


Some ninja can shorten the seal sequence for a jutsu through using the jutsu often enough that they can handle the recomposition and manipulation without as many or any seals. This does not affect a jutsu ranking, because the ranking is based on the design not how experienced a ninja is with using a jutsu.


Genjutsu Type
Sensory (E-rank base)
Suggestion (C-rank base)
Target Type
Single Target
Area of Effect
Difficulty of Use
Concentration requirements
Difficulty of Release
Usable Methods of Release (Kai, Self-inflicted wound, Breaking concentration)

The two main criteria for what rank a Genjutsu has is its complexity and its target type. In general, Area of Effect Genjutsu receive higher rank than Single Target Genjutsu, and Genjutsu that fool multiple senses get a higher rank than a single sense Genjutsu. How complex the alteration being made to one's perception can also affect rank.

The Kokohi no Jutsu (False Place) is a Single Sense, Area of Effect Genjutsu with subtle alterations to everyone's sight and is C-rank. The Kokuangyou no Jutsu (Journey into Black Darkness) is also a Single Sense, Area of Effect Genjutsu with complex alterations to everyone's sight, and it is A-rank.

It should be noted that Single Target, Simple Suggestion Genjutsu tends to start at C-rank, with AoE versions being A-rank. Currently there are no known Complex Suggestion Genjutsu due to the difficulty.

If there were two Genjutsu that placed a single target into a illusionary field of wildflowers and, all other things being the same, Jutsu 2 had the smell of flowers in addition to the visual image of the field of flowers, then Jutsu 1 would likely be D-rank while Jutsu 2 would be C-rank. The addition of tactile or auditory stimuli or both to the illusion would likely bump it up to B-rank.

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