In the ninja world there are numerous ranks and titles that a shinobi can achieve. The base group indicates the amount of training and strength of a ninja. This group consists of five ranks and two status indicators.


Academy Student

The lowest "rank" in the ninja system, Academy students are not yet officially ninja and are learning the skills and knowledge they will need as actual ninja. Students typically enter the Academy around age 5 and graduate between age 10 and 12.


The first rank a ninja receives upon graduating from training. Genin can only go on mission while watched over by one or more Chunin or Jounin. Much of the time spent in this rank is further expanding their skills and knowledge. Some ninjas fail to get above this level and end up as "career" Genin.


The next rank a ninja receives. Shinobi of Chunin rank can lead teams and do some low level missions alone. Most of a hidden village's military force are Chunin. At this rank, many opportunities open for a ninja to pursue, including ANBU and a large selection of specialization training.

Special Jounin

Members of this rank are still Chunin, but are considered Jounin level within a specific field of expertise. Typically, a Special Jounin is considered higher rank than a Chunin. This rank is fully optional and can be skipped without issue.


The highest level available to all ninja, Jounin are considered the best of the best. Nearly all Jounin are B-rank, A-rank, or higher overall. Ninja of this rank handle many missions alone, and some take on apprentices or teams from the Genin ranks to train.

Other "Ranks"


There are only five official Kage in the world. These ninja are considered the strongest with the best leadership qualities within the five great villages. Shinobi that have been given this rank tend to die, and retiring is an extremely rare thing to see. Kage are typically A-rank or S-rank, and spend most of their time in their village handling administrative duties.

If a non-kage ninja is considered "kage level," then they have A- or S-rank skills overall and places them on equal fighting level with a Kage.

Missing Nin

A missing ninja is a rogue ninja from a village. Usually, they have abandoned their village or committed capital crimes against the village or country. Missing nin are hunted by their former home village and bounty hunters. The purpose of the Hunter Nin special forces group is specifically to hunt down and eliminate Missing Nin.

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