The largest political organization is the country. It is most simply an area of the world that is unified under a single government. Countries typically encompass multiple cities and tens of thousands of square kilometers of land.


Monarchy / Aristocracy

The majority of countries are led by what amounts to a monarchy, with a feudal lord running the country with the aid of advisors and so forth. These feudal lords, called Daimyos, have the supreme authority in their country and even have some budgetary power over hidden villages within their lands. Leadership is generally passed down through the ruling family, though coups, assassinations, and rebellions can allow someone else to take the position.

In Moon Country, on the southeastern edge of the Elemental Lands region, an actual monarchy is in place, with the leader being king/queen. Other than the name difference, it operates much like the Daimyo-led countries.

Country Classification

All countries are classified for comparison purposes and as a measure of the power and influence they wield.

Elemental Lands

In the Elemental Lands, countries are classified in three groups, and the group a country is in largely depends on the existence of a Hidden Village within the country, though economic abilities can help push a country to a higher ranking while lacking the primary criteria. The classification system was formed after the First Great Shinobi War and evolved over the decades leading up to the Second Great Shinobi War, and has become largely static since then. In recent decades, a call has been started to provide alternate criteria for becoming a top tier country rather than the blatantly closed group criteria set down early in the Konoha's Founding era.

The lowest classification of a country was formed following the First Great Shinobi War when several small countries were formed to buffer the largest countries from each other. These small countries were known as "minor countries," or more derogatorily "buffer countries." If a minor country had a stable hidden village within it, it became what was known as a "moderate country." A minor country with sufficient economic power could also ascend to be a moderate country based on its powered wielded through trade rather than ninja. The highest classification for a country is that of "major country." There are only five such countries, and they act as the superpowers of the Elemental Lands. The requirement to become a major country is simply to have one of the Kage-led hidden villages within it.


While the predominant active military force in most countries are hosted hidden villages, all countries also maintain a regular military as well for times of war or unrest were ninja are not well suited. Most countries with a coastline have a standing navy to guard it from invasion and protect shipping in its waters.

In addition, there is a small amount of the country's army active at all times that serves to guard the Daimyo and his palace. The majority of the army, however, is held in reserve. Nobles and other citizens gather once or twice a year in local parts of the country and keep their skills trained, but otherwise carry on with their daily lives. In the event of war or large scale unrest, the Daimyo may call up part or all of his army. Nobles act as samurai, leading infantry that regular citizens can serve in.

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