Training For The Exams

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Training for the Exams
Type: Training
Rank: Unknown
Village: Konoha
Start Date: 11 Aug 133AF
End Date: ?? Oct 133AF
Status: In Progress


Client: N/A
Team Code: N/A
Assigned Team Members: Konoha Jounin Fukakouryoku Nishiyori, Konoha Chunin Aoko Uchiha, Konoha Chunin Hotaru Hyuuga, Konoha Genin Ichigo Matsuda, Konoha Genin Kenta Kurokawa, Konoha Genin Ushio Kotone, Konoha Genin Hai, Konoha Genin Sho Yuuma
Assignment Location: Konoha

In light of the worsening Sodegaura situation, Jounin Fukakouryoku Nishiyori is tasked with training up a team of Genin to participate in the upcoming Chuunin Exams to help both show Konoha's strength and to get the village more Chunin in the event that fighting breaks out.

Actual Events

Training started off with tests of non-chakra-enhanced physical abilities, then a run up to the top of a nearby 'mountain' to retrieve a flag while dealing with various obstacles. Training continued over the following two months in a variety of ways including confined space combat.

After about two months, the team took a break to local hot springs.


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