Tora Trouble
Tora Trouble
Type: Escort
Rank: Unknown
Village: Konoha
Start Date: 1 Aug 133AF
End Date: 9 Aug 133AF
Status: Complete


Client: Lady Shuzuri
Team Code: Team 4 Kai
Assigned Team Members: Konoha Chunin Aoko Uchiha, Konoha Chunin Hotaru Hyuuga, Konoha Genin Ichigo Matsuda, Konoha Genin Kenta Kurokawa, Konoha Genin Ushio Kotone, [Added Team Member: Konoha Chunin Toshizo Yamanaka ]
Assignment Location: Konoha

The Fire Lord and his wife will be arriving in Konoha tomorrow and will be staying for a week. Of course Tora will be in their company during this time. The daimyo was very understanding when the original was…"lost" some months ago. It brought improved relations with the dog demon village and for that he stood up to his wife. But if it happens again at the hands of Konoha genin, it will be much worse for him. If things are bad for the daimyo, he makes things bad for Konoha. Team 4 Kai will shadow Tora during the daimyo’s visit and retrieve the cat should he escape. Protect Tora and if any leaf ninja try to kill him, subdue them.

Actual Events

Description of what happened on the mission.


Any injuries from the mission.


  • Tora Trouble
    • Note: Higure Yuuhi's appearance in the thread itself is non-canon, and that is just some random ninja canonically.
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