Tanzaku Gai Bandit Removal
Tanzaku Gai Bandit Removal
Type: Bandit Removal
Rank: B
Village: Konoha
Start Date: 10 July 133AF
End Date: 13 July 133AF
Status: Complete


Client: Mayor of Tanzaku Gai
Team Code: N/A
Assigned Team Members: Konoha Special Jounin Higure Yuuhi, Konoha Special Jounin Ayumu Sugiura
Assignment Location: Tanzaku Gai, Fire Country

Travel to Tanzaku Gai, locate and eliminate bandits operating in the area.

Actual Events

Traveled to Tanzaku Gai. Suigura met with the mayor while Yuuhi checked out the city. The search area was narrowed to the forest southeast of the town due to attacks only on the roads leading south and east from the town, and initial search was along a cliff face in the forest within range of both roads. Camp located and a summoning seal was discovered within the camp.

Type III-A tags were utilized to demolish most of the camp while leaving the area around the seal undamaged. Genjutsu was used on the surviving bandits, who turned on and killed the seal expert in charge of the summoning seal. A deadman switch in the seal activated, summoning a boar demon. Yuuhi distracted the demon and led it away while Suigura attempted to alter the seal to de-summon the demon. Yuuhi sustained several chest injuries from the demon and returned to Suigura, who temporarily ensnared the demon before placing it back on the seal and de-summoning it. Part of the cliff face was then collapsed to bury the seal.

Yuuhi received medical treatment for the injuries while Suigura notified the mayor of the mission completion. After a brief stop at the festival in the town, the two returned to Konoha.


Yuuhi suffered two cracked ribs and bruising. As such he is on medical leave for one to three weeks. Suigura suffered no injuries requiring treatment and is mission ready.


The bandits somehow got access to a demon summoning seal expert. No further information could be gathered due to seal expert and all bandits being killed. Further information on the seal itself could not be gathered by the team due to lack of sufficient knowledge in that field to deconstruct the seal.


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