Suna-Oto Invasion

Taking place November 79AF, this was the second major war that Konoha faced since the Kyuubi Attack in 67AF. Long time allies Suna were tricked into participating by the missing ninja Orochimaru.

Major Forces


Considered one of the strongest Hidden Villages in the Elemental Lands, Konoha had a substantial ninja force. The events of the Chunin Exam and the death of one of their ninja that had been carrying out surveillance on a Suna jounin led them to keep more of their forces in Konoha for a probable attack when the final part of the Exams began.


The weakest of the major villages, Suna had been hamstrung during the last decade or so by Wind Country's Daimyo who had cut their budget and was sending missions to Konoha instead of his own country's village. As a result, they were open to Orochimaru's plan to wipe out Konoha and deployed a large number of their best forces for the effort. It is possible at some point the Kazekage had second thoughts regarding the idea and was killed by Orochimaru. The missing ninja or one of his lieutenants posed as the kage until the invasion began.


A new hidden village formed in Rice Field Country two years previously, Oto was part of Orochimaru's plans for Konoha. The village enabled him to build up a force to aid in the destruction of his home village, and provided him official cover to continue his experiments.


After several months of plotting, the wheels began to turn towards the invasion. Orochimaru sneaked into the Chunin Exams Konoha was hosting and attacked Konoha Genin Team 7 during the second part. The actions to get access to the team revealed his presence, though he escaped without major incident with a threat to not cancel the exams.

Following the conclusion of the second part of the Exam, a 30-day wait was given before the final stage was to be carried out. During this period, Konoha Special Jounin Hayate Gekkou was killed after he was discovered listening in to a meeting regarding the invasion. Between Orochimaru's threat and this incident, Konoha's forces were discretely pulled in and prepped for possible attacks. As the day drew near, Oto and Suna forces moved into Fire Country and staged near Konoha.

Orochimaru's plan was fairly simple. On cue, a genjutsu would be placed on the arena the final round of the Exams was being held in. When this occurs, Suna and Oto ninja disguised in the crowd would reveal themselves and eliminate Konoha ninja in the area and kill the sleeping people. At the same time, Suna's jinchuuriki Gaara would unleash Shukaku to rampage through the village. And outside the walls, group summons would bring forth massive snake summons to smash the walls and allow Suna and Oto forces into the village without having to force entry through the gates or over the walls. Orochimaru himself would trap and kill the Sandaime Hokage.

The plan fell apart quickly. During Sasuke Uchiha's match with Gaara, Sasuke managed to injure his opponent and force him to use sufficient chakra that he was unable to carry out his role initially. When the invasion began, he and his team was ordered to evacuate and recover. Many of the best Konoha ninja avoided the genjutsu and inflicted heavy losses. The Toad Sage Jiraiya was in the village and used his summons to defeat the snake summons before much damage to the walls could be inflicted. Better trained Konoha teams engaged and stopped the invaders before a counterattack was launched that pushed the Suna and Oto forces out.

Outside Konoha, Gaara recovered and began unleashing Shukaku during a fight with Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto Uzumaki's appearance pulled attention away from Sasuke, saving his life. During the battle between the two, Gaara fully unleashed Shukaku, but the summoning of the Toad Boss and a unique henge choice by Naruto allowed him to close in and force Shukaku back into slumber. Following Gaara's defeat, his team recovered him and fled back to Suna.

Orochimaru managed to kill the Sandaime Hokage, though the effort cost him the use of his arms. In the face of numerous high level ninja and ANBU, Orochimaru and his bodyguards fled the city. In the face of the Konoha forces, the out-numbered Suna and Oto forces soon also called retreats and fled.


The possible start of a Great Shinobi War was averted by the discovery of the remains of the Yondaime Kazekage and his guards soon after the invasion and how long the men had apparently been dead. Suna sued for peace and their alliance with Konoha was reinstated. While amended and modified since, this alliance has managed to stay in place since then.

Oto's forces were decimated by the attack and the village devolved into mostly research and experimentation locations scattered around the Elemental Lands. Its purpose mostly fulfilled, Orochimaru ceased to keep in regular contact with Rice Field's daimyo, and the hidden village collapsed out of existence in 83AF after its leader died at the hands of Sasuke Uchiha.

Konoha was weakened by the attack and the loss of its leader. As a result, every available ninja that could was dispatched on high level missions as frequently as possible to maintain the image that they were still strong. Jiraiya and his apprentice Naruto Uzumaki went on a mission and brought back Tsunade, who took up the mantle of Gondaime Hokage. The damage to the village walls eventually made Sasuke Uchiha's defection easier, delaying the discovery of his departure.

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