Ruins Of Victorious Souls
Ruins of Victorious Souls
Type: Escort
Rank: C
Village: Konoha
Start Date: 20 July 133AF
End Date: 29 July 133AF
Status: Complete


Client: Kiren
Team Code: Team 4
Assigned Team Members: Konoha Genin Ushio Kotone, Konoha Genin Kenta Kurokawa, Konoha Genin Ichigo Matsuda, Konoha Special Jounin Ayumu Sugiura, Konoha Genin Kazuki Hibikietsu
Assignment Location: Fire Country

Team 4 is to escort the client while he investigates ruins in southern Fire Country.

Actual Events

Team 4 plus medic genin under temporary leadership of Special Jounin Sugiura escorted the client to the ruins without issue. They guarded him while he investigated the ruins and defeated several creatures that attacked the group. Following the end of the investigation, they successfully escorted the client back to Konoha.


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