RP Timeline
AF AK AR Date Event Issuing Village
133 66 50 Jul-10 Tanzaku Gai Bandit Removal mission begins. Konoha
Into the Unknown mission begins. Konoha
Jul-11 Below Konoha mission occurs. Konoha
Jul-13 Tanzaku Gai Bandit Removal mission ends.
Jul-16 Into the Unknown mission ends.
Jul-17 Liberation of Sodegaura mission begins. Konoha
Jul-19 Liberation of Sodegaura mission ends prematurely.
Jul-20 Jashin Hunt mission begins. Konoha
Ruins of Victorious Souls mission begins. Konoha
Jul-29 Ruins of Victorious Souls mission ends.
Jul-30 Jashin Hunt mission ends prematurely.
Aug-1 Into the Wastes mission begins. Unknown
Tora Trouble mission begins. Konoha
Aug 2-7 Large "field exercise" takes place at Konoha Prison to test procedures for subduing riots and retaking the facility.
Aug-8 Into the Wastes mission ends.
Aug-9 Tora Trouble ends
Aug-10 Arcane Measures mission begins. Konoha
Aug-11 Training for the Exams begins. Konoha
Aug-12 Team TYPI begins.
Aug-15 Arcane Measures mission ends.
Aug-18 Team TYPI mission occurs. Konoha
Aug-24 Echoes of the Past mission begins. Konoha
Oct-15 Training for the Exams ends.
Oct-18 133 AF Second Chunin Exams begins. All
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