Return To Sodegaura

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Return to Sodegaura
Type: Assassination
Mission Number: 0717J-12-02
Rank: mid-B
Village: Konoha
Status: In Progress


Client: Fire Daimyo
Team Code:
Assigned Team Members: Konoha Chunin Aoi Akita, Konoha Special Jounin Itsuki Takuma, Konoha Jounin Fukakouryoku Nishiyori, Konoha Jounin Daisuke Aburame, Konoha Jounin Sosuke Nara, Konoha Jounin Kisuke Uchiha
Assignment Location: Sodegaura, Fire Country

Team Fail are to remove Lord Itakura Hiroshi from power.

Sodegaura is a medium sized mining town in Fire Country near the border with Waterfall country. The town is part of the fiefdom of Lord Itakura Hiroshi who inherited his lands and powers at the passing of his father 4 years ago. It was recently discovered [See mission #0528M-03-03D] Lord Itakura has discovered a source of diamonds on his land and proceeded with their mining without informing the government of Fire Country. The mines were found to be partially manned with slave labour and no taxes or tribute was paid to the Government.

Lord Itakura has used the funds gained from this mine to form a private army-cum-police force and to gain political power and alliances. It is believed it is in the best interests of Konoha and Fire Country that Itakura is removed from power and his army disbanded, use of lethal force is authorised. However due to Sodegaura’s close proximity to Waterfall country and Itakura’s political connections there it is potentially troublesome for Konoha to be seen to be involved. Hence the assignees should dress and behave as civilians, attempt to keep Konoha’s involvement secret, and avoid contact with civilians prior to reaching Sodegaura. Assignees should attempt to discover who Itakura’s co-conspirators are.

Additional teams will be sent to investigate the town and take care of civil affairs at the completion of Team’s mission.

Actual Events

Team Leader Nishiyori decided to take the approach to disguise the team as Yakuza, and had the team outfitted with proper suits to pull off the disguise. They then set out for Sodegaura, slipping into their Yakuza disguises after the first night.


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