Liberation Of Sodegaura
Liberation of Sodegaura
Type: Assassination
Mission Number: 0717J-12-02
Rank: mid-B
Village: Konoha
Start Date: 17 July 133 AF
End Date: 19 July 133 AF
Status: Failed


Client: Fire Daimyo
Team Code: Team Fail
Assigned Team Members: Konoha Chunin Aoi Akita, Konoha Chunin Hotaru Hyuuga, Konoha Chunin Kitsune Miyako, Ryuusuke Yoshirou [Added Team Members: Konoha Jounin Kojira Kuroda, Konoha Special Jounin Itsuki Takuma]
Assignment Location: Sodegaura, Fire Country

Team Fail are to remove Lord Itakura Hiroshi from power.

Sodegaura is a medium sized mining town in Fire Country near the border with Waterfall country. The town is part of the fiefdom of Lord Itakura Hiroshi who inherited his lands and powers at the passing of his father 4 years ago. It was recently discovered [See mission #0528M-03-03D] Lord Itakura has discovered a source of diamonds on his land and proceeded with their mining without informing the government of Fire Country. The mines were found to be partially manned with slave labour and no taxes or tribute was paid to the Government.

Lord Itakura has used the funds gained from this mine to form a private army-cum-police force and to gain political power and alliances. It is believed it is in the best interests of Konoha and Fire Country that Itakura is removed from power and his army disbanded, use of lethal force is authorised. However due to Sodegaura’s close proximity to Waterfall country and Itakura’s political connections there it is potentially troublesome for Konoha to be seen to be involved. Hence the assignees should dress and behave as civilians and attempt to keep Konoha’s involvement secret. Assignees should attempt to discover who Itakura’s co-conspirators are however it is understood infiltration is not the group’s speciality.

Additional teams will be sent to investigate the town and take care of civil affairs at the completion of Team Fail’s mission.

Actual Events

Team Fail left Konoha as planned on the 17th of July for Sodegaura. The next morning they were joined by special jounin Takuma Itsuki and jounin Kuroda Kojira. Upon reaching the town of Market it was decided to split to the group up to better maintain cover as civillians. Takuma, Miyako, Ryuusuke and Hotaru entered the town, while Akita and Kuroda skirted around and headed north. Akita left with the main group a book which could be used to summon her.

They acquired accommodation. Takuma left to try to acquire information, Ryuusuke left in a (failed) attempt to keep his summons from spending all his money and then proceeded to drown his sorrows. Miyako and Hotaru were left in the room. There were passages between the walls of the inn, a man was in there watching them, Miyako entered the passages to extract him but in the ensuing scuffle he stabbed Miyako and avoided a fatal blow from Hotaru before fleeing. Hotaru pulled Miyako out of the wall and started to treat her, however the blade proved to be poisioned beyond her abilities. She used Akita's book and Akita healed Miyako then left. Ryuusuke returned and went to bed.

Akita headed back to where she had been summoned from Kuroda; not finding him there she headed back to town under the influence of a soldier pill. She found him in a bar, kicked him in the balls then collapsed crying on the floor. He left her in a room there and came back to our room around the same time as Takuma. They left to hunt down Miyako's attacker and Hotaru left to bring Akita back to the room. They were… not subtle. Konoha may receive a complaint from the Market police force, though they didn't press the issue at the time.

Kuroda and Takuma returned with a girl the attacker had been holding, and Hotaru was able to remove most of the poison in her system. She woke and told us she was Yuki Shiratori, a maid in Lord Itakura's house. She identified a number of ninja hired by Itakura then left while Kuroda and Takuma argued about what to do with her. Deciding she wasn't a threat they let her go. The team spent the night and Takuma sent Miyako with a number of mercenaries he knew, and she is now in Konoha Hospital. Later that morning Akita attempted to heal Kuroda which can wreak havoc with his seals. She had been warned before and, considering it insubordinate and the mission increasingly dangerous, Takuma ordered her and Hotaru to return to Konoha. Ryuusuke accompanied them.

On the road home Akita gave Ryuusuke one of her eyes to replace his damaged one and resigned as a ninja. Hotaru brought her headband back. The two of them left together and she agreed not to leave the country until her resignation is officially accepted. Hotaru came home with one of Ryuusuke's cat summons and her crows and encountered no problems for the rest of the trip back.

Kuroda and Takuma continued the mission. The two were intercepted by members of the wandering Shirotori clan and, having learned that the clan worked for the target and were aware of the two's connection to Konoha, decided to abort. They were escorted back to Market by a clan member, where they proceeded to return to Konoha.


Kitsune Miyako was badly poisoned and was evacuated back to Konoha. Aoi Akita surgically removed one of her own eyes and implanted it into Ryuusuke Yoshirou.


  • Known Forces in use by Lord Itakura Hiroshi
    • The Shirotori clan are currently employed by him, though they may be out of his employ in a week to a month.
      • Itsuki Takuma laid some groundwork on the possibility of the clan settling in Konoha once their contract was up.
    • He also employs two A-rank missing nin from Iwa (twins; Akira and Hotaru), a B-rank missing nin from Iwa, and a B-rank missing nin from Grass.


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