Kyuubi Attack on Konoha

One of the most recent biju attacks on a hidden village, the Kyuubi attack was a complete surprise because it just showed up next to the village of Konoha. A moderate section of the village and village wall was destroyed in addition to a large number of fatalities including the Yondaime Hokage.

Commonly Known Events

The attack began October 10 67AF, when the Kyuubi appeared without warning outside the village. Moments later, it was apparently summoned into the village itself. Konoha ninja led by the retired Sandaime Hokage immediately engaged the Kyuubi and attempted to push it back. The Yondaime appeared and briefly engaged the Biju to stop an attack on the Hokage Monument before vanishing again.

The defending ninja began being pushed back before the Yondaime reappeared and teleported himself and the biju outside the village, where he died sealing it into Naruto Uzumaki.

Later Revealed Events

Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze's wife, Kushina Uzumaki, was the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. She was giving birth in a secure location when Madara Uchiha attacked and kidnapped Kushina. He unleashed the Kyuubi and used his Sharingan to take control of it. Madara then invaded Konoha and summoned the Kyuubi to him. Madara left to eliminate the Yondaime, but the fight was largely a stalemate despite Minato landing blows against the otherwise untouchable Uchiha.

The Yondaime abandoned the fight to return to Konoha as the Kyuubi pushed the defenders back. He teleported the Kyuubi to where his wife was, and she proceeded to use her special abilities to hold the Kyuubi in place for Minato to perform the sealing. The loss of Kyuubi and injuries sustained during the events resulted in the death of Kushina.

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