Jashin Hunt
Jashin Hunt / Book Recovery
Type: Escort/Investigation
Rank: Unknown
Village: Konoha
Start Date: 20 July 133AF
End Date: 30 July 133AF
Status: Failed


Client: Kamisori Hi
Team Code: Team Yamato
Assigned Team Members: Shiki Ando, Konoha Special Jounin Higure Yuuhi, Konoha Jounin Fukakouryoku Nishiyori (codenamed Yamato)
Assignment Location: Fire Country

Following the lead of the client, demon slayer Kamisori Hi, the team will search Fire Country for texts on demon summoning and retrieve them. Since Jashinists were rumored to have their hands on the books, anti-Jashin cult action may be necessary.

Actual Events

The team met up 20th July to go over mission details with the client and had a short spar to get a feel for each person's abilities. The following day, the group left Konoha and headed north for Sentetsu. They camped in the woods overnight and finished arriving at the town the next day. Yuuhi and Nishiyori entered the town in the guise of two workers looking for a job. Shortly after their arrival, the town was attacked by undead. Yuuhi and Nishiyori cleared the area they were in of hostiles.

Shiki Ando and the client stayed in the woods while the Konoha nin entered the village. As the two were travelling through the trees, Kamisori Hi collapsed for unknown reasons. Ando got Hi to shelter and rushed into town to get help from the rest of the team. Yuuhi sent his Kage Bunshin back with Ando to provide what medical aid he could, while the original and Nishiyori followed a rat summon further into town tracking the one responsible for the attack.

A necromancer was discovered on a building roof and Yuuhi was tasked with eliminating him as Nishiyori slashed his way through the undead to help some civilians. The necromancer shrugged off the first attempt at his life, and ended up transforming into a monster-like form as Yuuhi switched to using a number of combat tags against him. Yuuhi used a set of Type III-B demolition tags to collapse the building on top of the necromancer chasing him.

By this time, Nishiyori had cleared the immediate area of undead and delivered the deathblow to the necromancer. At that point, Yuuhi dispelled his clone and headed out to the client's location. Nishiyori took command of the local militia and ordered a quarantine. Additional Konoha forces arrived the following day to handle the quarantine and investigate the incident. The client was moved into town before being evacuated to Konoha.

After a week, the quarantine was ended and the investigation concluded with the arrest of several citizens of the town that aided the necromancer. With the client in a coma in Konoha Hospital, the team returned to Konoha for reassignment.


Any important information learned during the missions.


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