Into The Wastes
Into the Wastes
Type: Escort
Rank: B
Village: Konoha
Start Date: 1 Aug 133AF
End Date: 8 Aug 133AF
Status: Complete


Client: Shiki Ando
Team Code: N/A
Assigned Team Members: Konoha Jounin Rika Kajou, Konoha Special Jounin Higure Yuuhi, Konoha Chunin Kai Yukari
Assignment Location: Mai Tierra, Wastelands

Escort client to Mai Tierra excavation site in the Wastelands, assist with securing a section of the site for further exploration, and escort client back to Konoha.

Actual Events

Team left 1 Aug for Market in Fire Country and made a brief stop there. After stocking up, the team proceeded into Rain Country. Through use of the complete portions of the Mountain-Rain Highway, the team made rapid progress through Rain Country, Bird Country, and Valley Country. Client stopped at the Hakurei Shrine (and Inn) in Mountain Country for the night.

5 Aug had the team travel out to the location in the Wastes and clear the requested section of the site. The team left the following day to return to Konoha, arriving early 8 Aug.


Travel time between Rain and Mountain Country is essentially halved, or better, with the construction of the Mountain-Rain Highway. The entire length is expected to be complete within 3-6 months, but is currently 50-60% complete. Reason for the Highway's construction is unknown, but may have something to do with technology reverse engineered from the Mai Tierra site near Mountain Country's border.


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