Tags are pieces of paper of varying sizes that have seals written on them. While there are tags that perform tasks outside normal operating options (such as chakra supression seals), those are considered seals rather than tags. Most tags are combat oriented or incur varying damage to objects near the tag. There are four categories, based on the purpose for the tag. All tags have a small wait timer between inputting chakra and tag activation, but pouring too much chakra into some tags will 'burn' through that delay with possibly lethal results to the user.

Tag Types

Type I tags are generally used for training, distractions, and other non-lethal activities. They vary from E-rank in power up to B-rank, depending on the tag.

Homing Tag
Rank: E
Once activated, homing tags attract chakra and allowing jutsu to home in on the tag. Due to the fact that a ninja could use a Type II tag instead if the opportunity presented itself, the tag does not see much combat use and has become primarily a teaching tool.

Alarm Clock Tag
Rank: E
Alarm Clock tags receive an amount of chakra and slowly releases the chakra at a precise rate. Once the inserted chakra empties, a small 'reserve' amount is used to deliver an E-rank Raiton jolt to the attached body. It works effectively because the precision in the emptying rate allows a ninja to know how much chakra to insert into the seal on activation for a specific wake time.

Smoke Tag
Rank: E, D
As the name indicates, the tags release smoke for several seconds (for E-rank, the D-rank version releases more smoke for about a minute). Slight variations in the seal allow for different color smoke if desired.

Paint Tag
Rank: E, D, C, B
Another multi-strength tag, paint tags release an amount of paint a few seconds after activating. The paint tags are frequently used in practice and sparring to stand in for Type II tag use. Seal variations allow different color paint.

Flash Tag
Rank: E, D, C, B
Flash tags emit a blinding flash of light for a few seconds.

Sound Tag
Rank: E, D, C, B
Similar to flash tags, sound tags emit a temporarily deafening noise a few seconds.

Flashbang Tag
Rank: D, C, B
A combination of the flash and sound tags, the flashbang tag delivers a simultaneous blinding flash and deafening noise when activated. These tags are often used when forcing entry when enemies are waiting inside.

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