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This is somewhat to help spud's work on ANBU stuffs and to provide solid "numbers" and info for everyone else. Do note that this is the organizational levels of the village, and not the field unit levels.

Numbers and Totals

Village Population and Military Size

I'm using the spreadsheet values below. The Population/Military size numbers are based on the 0-5 scale listed on leafninja for each major village.

NOTE: The iframe displaying the spreadsheet is proportioned to show without scrollbars when the displayed width of the wiki is 1200px or more (any resolution with a first number of 1200 or higher should be fine if the browser window is opened wide enough).

Population: For simplicity I took Konoha's population value as 100%, then made 4 80%, 3 60%, and 2 40% of Konoha's value.
Military: This is tougher, given a lack of a 5 village. This chart was determined by deciding what percentage of Konoha's population is active duty ninja, which gives us the military size for Konoha. Since Konoha is a 3, the other values are determined by dividing Konoha's force size by 3, then multiplying by 1/2/4/5 to fill out the rest of the values.

Konoha Rank Percentages

Chunin: Chunin make up most of the village military due to multiple ways to achieve the rank. Many of the Chunin may be administrative or other non-combat roles such as instructors.
Jounin: Jounin are the elite and thus should have one of the smallest percentages to indicate the difficulty of managing to achieve the rank.
Special Jounin: There are more of these than full Jounins based on the fact that it's probably far easier to get Jounin level in a specialization than it is to get to Jounin levels in all necessary skills. Still, it's harder than achieving Chunin or Genin, and thus has a smaller percentage.
Genin: Genin have the second largest percentage because they're the FNGs of the military. Most Genin will eventually make it to Chunin via exam or administrative test, and so has less of a percentage than Chunins. Enough wash out, die, or get promoted that the percentage isn't higher.
ANBU: The black ops force of the village, it has the lowest percentage because it is special forces equivalent and thus shouldn't be too large of a group. This one was set at 6% max before any other rank percentages were picked.

Table of Organization

Administrative Corps

  • Administration Division
    • Internal Revenue Battalion
    • Legal Services Battalion
    • Mission Application Battalion
  • Communications Division
    • Courier Battalion
    • Messenger Creatures Battalion
  • Library and Archives Division

ANBU Corps

  • Field Division
    • Assassination Battalion
    • Demolition Battalion
    • Hunter Ninja Battalion
    • MSC Battalion
    • Operations (Ops) Battalion
  • Intel Division
    • Cryptology, Forgery, and Spying (CFS) Battalion
    • Internal Affairs (IA) Battalion
    • Jutsu Research & Development (JR&D) Battalion
    • Seduction Battalion
    • Torture & Interrogation (T&I) Battalion

Combat Corps

  • Defense Division
    • Construction Battalion
    • Defense Battalion
    • Escort Battalion
  • Reconnaissance Division
    • Capture & Interrogation (C&I) Battalion
    • Infiltration Battalion
    • Reconnaissance (Recon) Battalion
    • Search and Retrieve (SAR) Battalion
  • Strike Division
    • Combat and Tactical Battalion
    • Assault Battalion
    • Free Response Battalion

Konoha Military Police Corps

  • As this is a mostly civilian Corps despite being in the Konoha T/O, nearly all of its totals are not included within the force totals above.

Medical Corps

  • Shinobi Medical Division
  • Veterinary Medical Division

Training Corps

  • Ninja Academy
  • Shinobi Training Center
  • KMP Academy (?)
  • Specialized Instructors

Ninja are placed into a Corps/Division/Battalion by three methods.

  1. Their job or a primary certification places them in a specific battalion.
    • This can be the case with primary specializations that correspond to jobs within the Administrative Corps, Medical Corps (Intermediate/Advanced level cert in Medic Ninja or Veterinary Ninja), or Training Corps (Shinobi Proctor or Shinobi Instructor).
    • ANBU are placed in the ANBU Corps.
    • Being in the KMP Corps requires passing the KMP Academy.
  2. A ninja's permanent team has a combat designation that places them in a specific battalion within the Combat Corps.
    • Combat Designations are listed within the Units entry.
  3. Unassigned ninja are placed in the battalion that best matches their capabilities.
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