Draft: Character Timeline Template

This page is a draft. As such, the information and layout are not yet official for the wiki. The information below may or may not be accurate or show up in the wiki itself.

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AF AK AR Date Event
[[table style="width: 100%; border:1px solid green; border-collapse:collapse;"]]
[[row style="border:1px solid green;"]]
  [!-- Year from Konoha Founding (current year 133 AF) --]
 [[cell style="border-right:1px solid green; text-align:center;"]]**AF**[[/cell]]
  [!-- Year from Kyuubi Attack (current year 66 AK) --]
 [[cell style="border-right:1px solid green; text-align:center;"]]**AK**[[/cell]]
  [!-- Year from Pein Attack (current year 50 AR) --]
 [[cell style="border-right:1px solid green; text-align:center;"]]**AR**[[/cell]]
  [!-- If month (and maybe day) known, list here. Abbreviate month (Jun, Mar, Nov, etc). Use ??? if unknown --]
 [[cell style="border-right:1px solid green; text-align:center;"]]**Date**[[/cell]]
  [!-- What occurred --]
 [[cell style="max-width:80%; min-width:75%; text-align:center;"]]**Event**[[/cell]]

[!-- Copy/Paste from here to add lines to timeline.
 [[cell style="border-right:1px solid green; text-align:center;"]]AF year here[[/cell]]
 [[cell style="border-right:1px solid green; text-align:center;"]]AK year here[[/cell]]
 [[cell style="border-right:1px solid green; text-align:center;"]]AR year here[[/cell]]
 [[cell style="border-right:1px solid green; text-align:center;"]]Month and Day if known[[/cell]]
 [[cell]]Event here[[/cell]]

Calendar Conversions
* AR => AK: AR year + 16 = AK year
* AR => AF: AR year + 83 = AF year
* --
* AK => AR: AK year - 16 = AR year
* AK => AF: AK year + 67 = AF year
* --
* AF => AK: AF year - 67 = AK year
* AF => AR: AF year - 83 = AR year

Academy Year A
* Nov - Remedial Class A begins.
* mid-May - Academy Year A ends, Remedial Class A ends, graduation exam
* June - Academy Year A begins
Academy Year B
* June - Remedial Class B begins
* mid-Oct - Academy Year B ends, Remedial Class B ends, graduation exam
* Nov - Academy Year B begins
Chunin Exams
* early-May - Chuunin Exam A starts
* June - Chuunin Exam A finals
* early-Oct - Chuunin Exam B begins
* Nov - Chuunin Exam B finals
Jounin Exams
* early-Oct - Jounin Exam begins
* Nov - Jounin Exam results

The section showing the code will not be in the final version. This would be used to create character specific timeline entries in the event category instead of having the timeline in the character entry. That new entry would be added into the character entry via an include tag or just linked to from the entry.

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