Draft: Stats Overhaul

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I mentioned back in December on the forums that if I was going to make a fuller dice system for the RP, the first thing I'd do was overhaul the stats. This is my concept on how I'd overhaul it.

Note: This is just me showing how I'd overhaul the stats and is in no way any sort of indicator that a stats overhaul is being considered or planned. If there is, no one's told me.


I understand why we used a 1-10 scale for certain skills, but in the scheme of things, the shift from what amounts to a 1-6 scale to a explicitly 1-10 scale annoys me. As a result, I'll shrink it down to a 1-6 scale. This does make it more or less the same as the E-S scale, but avoids the "can't really rank that stuff" reason that we got the 1-10 scale in the first place.

E-S Ranked Skills (6 Total)

  • Genjutsu
    • Holds all illusion jutsu. Unchanged.
  • Ninjutsu
    • Holds Elemental and Non-elemental Jutsu. Unchanged.
  • Taijutsu
    • This is hand-to-hand combat plus weapons that enhance HtH such as brass knuckles.
    • Canonically, Taijutsu is solely HtH, though Asuma's Hien is listed in Taijutsu on leafninja. Hence why HtH enhancing weapons like brass knuckles are included.
  • Fuinjutsu
    • This encompasses Fuinjutsu as well as Juinjutsu. Unchanged except for inclusion of Juinjutsu.
  • Sougujutsu
    • Takes Puppetry and other chakra using tool techniques that don't center on clones or an elemental technique.
    • Canonically, part of Ninjutsu.
  • Bukijutsu (?)
    • Holds all ranged/melee weapons (except the ones that are mentioned with Taijutsu).
    • Undecided if "tool" weapons like shuriken, kunai, and senbon will go here.
    • Canonically, part of Ninjutsu. Seriously, Ninjutsu had everything except illusions and punching or kicking people in the face.

1-6 Ranked Skills (8 total)

  • Flexibility
    • I read this as analogous to Agility/Dexterity beyond how limber one might be. Unchanged.
  • Force (Physical Power)
    • Physical Strength. Unchanged.
  • Intelligence
    • …Yeah, self-explanatory. Unchanged.
  • Stamina
    • Equiv to Constitution/Endurance, I'd think. Unchanged.
  • Chakra Capacity
    • How much chakra you have available. Unchanged.
    • I'd like to drop this and just go with "(Int+Stamina) / 2 = Capacity," but people like Naruto kinda screw that idea up and it's not worth any extra hassle from removing it.
  • Chakra Control
    • How well you 'channel' chakra when using it. Unchanged.
  • Speed
    • This was left off the previous stats with the reason that chakra use made speed stats useless. I'm adding it back in because there are situations where chakra-powered speed can't be used and because someone having to use chakra to keep up will run out of chakra faster.
  • Hand Seal Knowledge
    • This is knowledge and skill with the various hand seals used for jutsu. New.
    • Cannot be higher than Nin or Gen (whichever is higher) level + 2 (B-rank in one of the two stats would be needed for Hand Seal Knowledge to reach 6).

Character Sheet


  • Drop the code name line.
  • Rename specializations to "general specializations"
  • Reorganize the list into sections
    • Separate name, rank, village, appearance, age, Bingo Book listing into a section.
    • Separate signature technique, summons, elemental affinities, clan abilities/bloodlines, general specializations, (optional) abilities list into a section.
    • Separate clan/family, external contacts, allies, enemies, teammates, preferred comrades, closest friends into a section.
    • Separate nickname, likes, dislikes, hobbies, favored places, catchphrase, quotes into a section.
    • Add a Specializations section that'd utilize the Specializations entry.
    • Add history and personality sections.
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