The word physical, in this case, denotes not only actual physical traits but also intelligence due to the lack of sufficient other mental traits to group it with. These traits are primarily used in conjunction with Taijutsu, though a few traits serve as the basic blocks used to create Chakra.

Physical Stats

For roleplaying purposes, all four stats are measured on a 1-10 scale.


Strength is a measurement of how much physical force a person can apply using their muscles. High strength allows for lifting heavier loads and hitting targets harder. Taijutsu specialists, depending on style, tend for high strength but not all Taijutsu styles are centered around the trait. Male shinobi tend to have higher strength than kunoichi.


Flexibility shows how limber and agile a person is. Taijutsu styles that focus on avoiding strikes and quick movement tend to rely on high flexbility while styles such as the Akimichi clan style have little use for flexibility. Kunoichi tend to have higher flexibility than their male counterparts.


Stamina is a measurement of a person's ability to do work without getting tired. Those with high stamina can beat others simply by continuing until the other person becomes worn out. High stamina is generally required for Taijutsu and couriers, while Genjutsu specialists can slip by with less stamina. Endurance training is a good way to build up stamina.


Intelligence is the measure of various mental traits that combine well. Creativity, knowledge, wisdom, abstract thought, and problem solving are among the various traits that combine to form intelligence. The result is that while a high intelligence means a person is smart, it does not say what they're smart at. Someone could be book smart, yet be utterly uncreative. Another person could be just as intelligent, but their talent lies in problem solving or creativeness instead and might appear unintelligent when required to recall facts.

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