Dramatis Personae

Name Rank Status
Aburame, Daisuke Jounin (ANBU) Active
Akita, Aoi Chunin Retired
"Fulcon" Jounin Active
Hai Genin Active
Hibikietsu, Kazuki Genin Active
Hitokasegi, Abunai Jounin (ANBU Captain) Active
Hyuuga, Hanabi Nanadaime Hokage Active
Hyuuga, Hayate Special Jounin (ANBU) Active
Hyuuga, Hotaru Chunin Active
Hyuuga, Neji Jounin Active
Inuzuka, ? Jounin (ANBU Captain) Active
Ishikawa, Kagami Jounin Active
Ishikawa, Kyoko Jounin Active
Ishimaru, Miharu Genin Active
Jyūryō, Omoi Jounin Active
Kajou, Rika Jounin Active
Kamizuki, Kotetsu Genin Active
Kondo, Rittaimaru Special Jounin Active
Kotone, Honoka Chunin Active
Kotone, Ushio Genin Active
Kurokawa, Kenta Genin Active
Kurokawa, Nakashima Academy Active
Lee, Neji Chunin Active
Matsuda, Ichigo Genin Active
Matsuyama, Itoe Genin Active
Miyako, Haruto Unknown (ANBU Captain) Active
Miyako, Hikaru Chunin Active
Miyako, Kage Unknown (S-rank) Missing-Nin
Miyako, Kitsune Chunin Active
Morino, Ibiki Jounin Active
Namida, Aoshi Special Jounin Active
Namikaze, Hinata Jounin Unknown
Namikaze, Tsukiko Jounin Active
Nara, Kontan Genin Active
Nara, Shikari Jounin Active
Nara, Sosuke Jounin (ANBU) Active
Nishiyori, Fukakouryoku Jounin (ANBU Captain) Active
Ojike, Raito Genin Active
Sai Jounin (ANBU Captain) Active
Shimizu, Kaito Chunin Active
Sugiura, Ayumu Special Jounin Active
Takuma, Itsuki Special Jounin Active
Taru Chunin Active
Tatsumaru Special Jounin Active
Tsunade Gondaime Hokage Retired, Deceased
Uchiha, Aoko Chunin Active
Uchiha, Fugaku Chunin Active
Uchiha, Kisuke Jounin (ANBU) Active
Uchiha, Kyou Chunin Active
Uzumaki-Namikaze, Naruto Rokudaime Hokage Retired
Uzumaki, Sakura Jounin Unknown
Uzumaki, Sayuri Unknown Active
Yamanaka, Ino Jounin (ANBU Captain) Active
Yamanaka, Toshizo Chunin Active
Yasuragi, Miyu Chunin Active
Yukari, Kai Chunin (ANBU) Active
Yuuhi, Higure Special Jounin Active
Yuuhi, Kurenai Jounin Retired
Yuuma, Sho Genin Active


Some families become clans due to Kekkei Genkai that appears in that family.
Also known as Kekkei Genkai, bloodlines are genetic mutations within a person that makes them better suited for certain tasks and can be passed on to offspring. Clan Jutsu are also frequently classified with bloodlines despite not truly being a genetic mutation.

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