The basics are the core stats used to represent a character's general capabilities in the RP.


Ninjutsu consists of techniques (or jutsu) that use chakra to affect the physical world. They're sub-divided into two groups: Elemental Jutsu and Non-Elemental Jutsu based on whether they use one of five elements considered "elemental".


Genjutsu are the jutsu that affect the senses and thoughts of another being. Commonly referred to as illusions, though the scope of what Genjutsu can do goes beyond just illusions.


Taijutsu are the combat moves and styles that allow a person to battle someone else in melee combat in both armed and unarmed combat.


Fuinjutsu and Juinjutsu are the art of seals. Seals are written diagrams and arrays that produce an effect when activated.


Sougujutsu encompasses the wide world of tools. This goes from combat tags to puppets to thrown weapons or bow and arrows.


Physical covers the traits of strength and stamina, two important aspects for any ninja.


Chakra goes into what chakra is, issues that can arise from chakra overuse, and the traits of chakra control and chakra capacity.

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