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If there's an issue (can't access a page/category, for example), try to send a PM to the master admin about it. If the issue isn't resolved (or a reply indicating why it's not an issue) after, say, two weeks, try a PM to the admin (either via wikidot or forum) about it. Between the two of them, it should hopefully be resolved.


Given the nature of the RP, multiple sources from all over get used for inspiration. When possible sources get noted in the entry. An overall sources page will likely be added to encompass the site, to cover any forgetfulness on per entry source listing. If one feels that something was used from something and the source wasn't listed, either leave a polite comment (which should include: pointing out the item in question, where you feel its from, and asking if its from there), or drop a PM to the master admin with the same information.

In some cases, something may be mentioned but not sourced because it gets mentioned in many entries. Most of the time, it's likely due to an intention to make a specific entry for that topic which will have the source listed there. With this case, if no entry exists yet and you're concerned about it, just drop a PM to the master admin asking about that.

Also, Naruto canon will not be sourced, given that it's the foundation being built upon.


Emails are not listed, because the master admin constantly forgets to check their email more than once every few weeks and because there's 3-4 ways to get in contact (one or two on wiki, one or two on forum) so there's no need to directly email either person.

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