Yuuhi Clan
Type: Clan
Affiliation: Konoha
Leader: Kurenai Yuuhi

The Yuuhi clan is Konoha's premier Genjutsu clan. They moved to Konoha shortly before the Second Great Shinobi War ended, and many of the clan members were lost in the Third Great Shinobi War and the Kyuubi Attack. It is only recently that the clan size has started to reach the point it was prior to the Third Great Shinobi War began.


The Yuuhi clan was one of many ninja clans that called River Country home. They took numerous casualties during the First Great Shinobi War, but handled themselves well. When the Second Great Shinobi War occurred, Suna and Ame ninja caused severe casualties to the various clans. The resulting loss of entire clans or majorities of clans caused many to move to countries outside of the direct battle zone. The Yuuhi clan ended up settling in Fire Country, and shortly before the war ended, they became part of Konoha. Many of the surviving clan members were killed in the fighting of the Third Great Shinobi War and the Kyuubi attack.

Bloodlines and Jutsu

Friends and Foes


Konoha - The home of the clan since the 50s AF.


Kurama Clan - A comparable Genjutsu clan within Konoha, it fell on hard times and mostly died out. The heiress of the clan was sealed for several years due to demon possession. Eventually the demon was eliminated and she was unsealed. Since then, the clan has made slow progress towards rebuilding.

Distinguishing Features

Members of this clan with the bloodline are born with the known eye and hair color of the bloodline. Members of the clan without the bloodline have normal looking eyes, but tend to keep the hair color trait.

Female clan members tend to dress in what appears to be a dress made of patterned bandages, while some women and most men typically just have patterned bandages wrapping their forearms and shins.

Notable Members

Kurenai Yuuhi
Current head of the clan, Kurenai Yuuhi was a Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha that attained the rank of Jounin before retirement.

Higure Yuuhi

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