Yukari Clan
Type: Clan
Affiliation: Konoha
Leader: Yuki Yukari

"Practice leads to perfection, Training leads to victory."


Originally from Iron Country.
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Bloodlines and Jutsu

The Yukari Clan does not a bloodline, however, their arguably high levels of chakra control and techniques all stem from a seal that all Yukari have applied to them at birth, since it can only affect the chakra system then. It acts as a regulator and a chakra-control aid, automatically releasing the exact amount of chakra needed for a specific situation. While it does mean that the Clan Members will never need to practice chakra control, it also means that they can’t experiment or create new jutsu (nin or gen). However, this also means that clan members could easily learn, create, and utilize jutsu involving chakra shaping techniques.

The techniques that arise from this seal are up to each member so as to introduce a lot of variety in the clan’s library and combat style, but there are certain universal techniques all Yukari learn only when they achieve a certain level:

On top of this, the Clan has their own unique and deadly taijutsu that also utilizes a great number of weapons as the forms were created with this in mind. Masters of this art can easily be compared to the legendary seven swordsmen. The style, simply called, Sora-Ryu, is a simple and style that focuses on its practioner's movement and their creativity in utilizing everything that could be used in a fight. Overall, the resulting style has been often called "Flowing Chaos".

Friends and Foes


Takuma Itsuki's family and accompanying merchants, especially the weapons merchants.


Hikari Samurai Clan in the Iron country, originally the Yukari Clan were their retainers and assassins.

Distinguishing Features

Blue eyes with a green ring around the iris and the Yukari seal on the back of their neck.

Notable Members

Yuki Yukari
Special Jounin and clan head of the fledgling Yukari Clan.

Kai Yukari
First Clan member to graduate from Konoha's ninja program and also first clan member to become an ANBU agent.

Other information

- The Clan looks down on ninjutsu and genjutsu as a whole…though they at times do utilize them.

Typical Clan Members Stats

Statistic Average Cap Additional Information
Ninjutsu C While they do look down on Ninjutsu, they are professionals and admit that ninjutsu is useful. They tend to focus on the general use ninjutsu, techniques that have a use out of combat.
Genjutsu C High Chakra control makes Clan members naturals of genjutsu, but they see the art of illusions with an intensely critical eye and tend not to use them.
Taijutsu A Intense, almost constant training in their fighting style makes clan members some of the deadliest taijutsu users around.
Fuinjutsu E Not a lot of the clan know anything about seals, odd since they owe their perfect chakra control to one. The most the Clan Leader will typically learn is how to apply the Seal.
Juinjutsu N/A Cursed seals are cursed seals, and no Yukari should be involved in it.
Sougujutsu A Intense, almost constant training in their fighting style makes clan members some of the deadliest sougujutsu users around. Most clan members would specialize in one weapon-style from this.
Flexibility 8 Sora-Ryu is an intensely flexible style, focusing on the way one moves about.
Physical Power 8 Even if the clan's fighting style is flexible, most end up strengthening themselves in order to wield their weapons with greater strength.
Stamina 10 As well as being highly flexible, Sora-Ryu needs quite a bit of stamina as it is very explosive.
Intelligence 7 Quite a bit of intelligence is needed in the style as it relies on one's creativity and combat intelligence.
Chakra Capacity 4 Most of the clan techniques are once-off applications and coupled with their seal, not a lot of Yukari even bother with chakra capacity exercises.
Chakra Control 9 The Clan's Seal deals with regulating the perfect amount of chakra to certain task/jutsu. As such, no Yukari will ever need chakra control exercises.
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